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Contract Solutions-i is a multi-disciplinary dispute resolution practice founded by experienced construction, engineering and oil & gas industry practitioners. Our firm comprises of engineers, quantity surveyors, construction managers, planners, accountants and other built environment professionals, many of whom are dual qualified in law, adjudication and/or arbitration.

Our Managing Partner, Mr Soh Lieh Sieng is a consummate construction industry expert with 30 years of industry experience working in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle-East in engineering, construction and dispute resolution roles. A Fellow of 8 professional institutions in the built environment and dispute resolution, Lieh Sieng regularly act as expert witness, adjudicator and arbitrator for disputed matters in relation to construction technology, defective works, payment disputes, contract termination, delay and extension of time, loss and expense, variations, cardinal change and contract interpretation in both domestic and international proceedings.

Management of Dispute Proceedings

We are able to assist, either by secondment of suitably qualified professionals or by representation, to provide full management of the adjudication and arbitration process. From preparation of adjudication and arbitration submissions to full in-house advocacy, or to act as specialist co-counsel on technically complex construction technology, delay and quantum disputes.

Expert Opinion

We provide expert opinion for the purpose of assisting parties to better understand the strengths and/or weaknesses of their respective positions, or for arriving at an amicable settlement of the disputed issues. We encourage early engagement of our expert opinion services when disagreements have arisen between contracting parties; our expert opinion have, on many occasions been instrumental to parties avoiding costly dispute resolution proceedings.

Expert Witness

Managed by our sister firm PERITUS, our senior industry experts regularly act as independent party-appointed or tribunal-appointed expert witness giving evidence in court, adjudication and arbitration proceedings. Our experts have given evidence on a range of issues related to construction technology, contract and specification interpretation, delay, extension of time, works valuation, variations, loss and expense, general damages, defective works and contract termination.

Neutral Appointments

As individuals we are able to accept appointment as adjudicator or arbitrator. Many of our senior members are certified to act as adjudicator under the Malaysia Construction Industry Payment & Adjudication Act (CIPAA), and empanelled with the Panel of Adjudicators / Panel of Arbitrators of the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) and/or other arbitral Institutions (HKIAC, SIArb, MIArb, LCIA and LCIA India) as neutrals with extensive experience in resolving both domestic and international construction contract related disputes.

Construction Contract Solutions

We provide advice on construction contracts, contract and agreement drafting, contractual correspondences, board/position papers, due diligence and time/cost claims assessment, as well as management & administration consulting provided by experienced industry professionals.

In-house Training Programmes

We provide bespoke training programmes for contract management and administration, in-house contract administration certification programmes, extension of time and delay analysis, loss & expense and damages claims, administration of standard construction contract forms in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, variation claims identification and valuation, contract termination, adjudication and arbitration practice, process and procedures.
Contract Solutions-i
Contract Solutions-i
Contract Solutions-i
Contract Solutions-i
Contract Solutions-i